pedestrian sign and push button
February 24th, 2017
It was 7:20 on a Sunday evening, and a 59-year-old local Atlanta woman was walking across the street with a shopping cart. Suddenly, she was hit by a truck. The...
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Skyline of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA
February 17th, 2017
Like any major city, Atlanta does have its fair share of crime. Most often, it is the high profile crimes that make the news. Such is the case for Georgia’s...
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Gas station at sunset
February 10th, 2017
Common wisdom says to stay put after a car accident, especially one that causes major bodily or property damage. Yet, this was not the case in a recent wreck in...
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Drug syringe and cooked heroin
February 6th, 2017
In one of the most tragic accidents of 2016, a man who was high on heroin drove onto a sidewalk in Northwest Atlanta and hit three boys. One of the...
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