Car crashes happen every day in and around Atlanta. For the most part, victims are able to walk away with minor injuries. However, when the wreck is a fatal one, officials must investigate the cause in attempt to prevent similar crashes in the future. This was the case in Barrow County, between Atlanta and Athens.

It was a Thursday night when the driver of a silver Honda pulled up to the intersection of Highway 316 and Highway 81. The driver pulled out in front of another car, which slammed into the Honda. The crash was so intense that the Honda was cut in half. Kindergartner James Manders was in the back seat of the destroyed car. He died at the scene of the wreck.

Business owners across the street were the first to hear the crash. One woman, Tina Patel, commented on the wreck, saying, “My heart’s broken. What the parents must be going through right now, my prayers are with them.”

Though this was a traumatic wreck, it is not the first one at the intersection. In fact, local drivers say the intersection of Highways 81 and 316 sees a crash almost on a daily basis. When these accidents do happen, they are typically serious, with serious injuries and even fatalities. Residents are calling for extra patrols from police officers in an attempt to get drivers to slow down. It is a tricky intersection, with hills on both sides.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has said they are working on making improvements to the intersection, including implementing an overpass. The Department plans on getting bids for the overpass in May.

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