As if the devastation of Hurricane Harvey wasn’t enough, residents in the Gulf Coast and on the East Coast are preparing for what may be the storm of the century: Hurricane Irma. The mega storm was located and made public at the end of August, just as people in Texas were discovering the full impact of Harvey.

Currently a Category 3 storm, Irma is expected to reach Category 4 or even Category 5 before it makes landfall later next week. If the storm maintains its current course, it is expected to impact Florida and the lower East Coast. Experts have said that if the storm reaches the strength predicted, it could devastate the cities it hits.

A state of emergency was declared for the state of Florida ahead of the storm, and residents in Atlanta and the surrounding areas were also told to prepare for landfall. Destruction and flooding are expected, and mandatory evacuations are a likelihood. Any person who lives in an area that could be struck by Irma should begin preparations as soon as possible.

There have been reports on social media that the storm is expected to reach Category 6. Officials are reminding people that a Category 6 hurricane does not exist. The strongest hurricane will reach a level 5 and be rated no higher.

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