Who can be held liable after a truck accident?

/Who can be held liable after a truck accident?

Who can be held liable after a truck accident?

One of the reasons that a truck accident is different than other kinds of accidents is in the number of people who could potentially be held liable for it.

Truck accident liability is found through negligence, which is a way of saying that when someone acts without regard for the safety of others and causes an accident, they are responsible for the damages that occur. Commercial trucks are bigger, heavier, deadlier, and cause more damage to property than other kinds of vehicles.

Commercial drivers, the owner of the equipment, third-party maintenance companies, people who lease out equipment, companies that load the freight onto the truck, parts manufacturers, and even government agencies all have responsibilities to making sure that the truck is travelling in a way that is safe for the other cars around it.

When an accident happens, your legal time might find fault at any point in the chain of command. For example, a commercial truck driver who acts recklessly might be at fault in an accident. If his or her employer pressured or required the driver to disregard regulations for drive time, they may be found liable. If poorly loaded freight causes an accident, the third party who loaded those materials might be found liable.

An Atlanta truck accident attorney can provide more information about liability in these kinds of incidents.