Why should I report a car accident?

/Why should I report a car accident?

Why should I report a car accident?

Reporting a car accident in Atlanta is an important step to protecting your against a liability claim and preserving your right to a claim if applicable. Many people who are involved in an accident might believe that they and the other driver have come to an agreement and that the police do not need to be involved.

However, if a dispute arises down the road, it would be your word and record against the other driver’s. It’s a much better idea to have the police come to the scene of the accident and document exactly what happened. With a police report, you’ve got an independent third-party evaluation that will hold a lot more weight in a lawsuit or insurance claim than images you take of the damage a couple hours later.

A police report also records comments from the witnesses and other helpful items like the insurance information of both drivers. Many people try to avoid reporting an accident to their insurance companies as well, especially for minor accidents. This is because they are trying to avoid paying a higher premium. However, there are often much larger penalties for failing to report an accident to your insurance company.

An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide more information about reporting a wreck.