How is a truck accident different than a car accident?

/How is a truck accident different than a car accident?

How is a truck accident different than a car accident?

There are many ways that a truck accident is different than a car accident in Atlanta. First of all, commercial trucks and vehicles are a lot heavier than other kinds of passenger vehicles, which means that truck accidents cause more damage to property and have a greater potential loss of life that accidents involving other kinds of vehicles.

It can also be more complicated to establish fault in a commercial truck accident because there are specific regulations that both companies and truck drivers have to follow. Further, companies and the insurance companies that protect them have a large budget to spend in trying to defend themselves against liability. This is because the potential damage (and payout) of these kinds of accidents is so large.

If you are involved in an accident involving a truck, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to help investigate the accident and hold the appropriate parties responsible. For example, a driver might be responsible for the accident if he failed to stop and take a break from driving as required.

The company who employs him might be found partially responsible, such as in a situation where the driver had a history of DUIs and is found to be under the influence while driving. The driver might share a part of the liability, but the company also acted negligently.

An Atlanta truck accident attorney can provide more information about the differences between a truck accident and a car accident.