Finding out that an average of 59 motorists per year died on Gwinnett County roads between 2017-2021 is disturbing, to say the least. Even in 2020, a year the vast majority of people didn’t drive nearly as often due to the pandemic, 57 people lost their lives. After all, it’s not like we have a lot of huge cities in the county.

But the fact is there are far too many deaths on our roads. Safe driving is critical, whether you’re in Gwinnett or any other county. Obeying traffic laws is always of the utmost importance – not just for yourself, but for everyone else around you.

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Scary statistics

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety provides statistics on traffic fatalities in every county in the state. The numbers from 2017-2021 don’t paint a pretty picture. Here’s a look at how car crashes in Gwinnett County compare to others in our state.

Gwinnett DeKalb Cobb Fulton
Year    Fatalities

2017    66

2018    62

2019    61

2020    57

2021    48

Year    Fatalities

2017    95

2018    108

2019    79

2020    92

2021    148

Year    Fatalities

2017    53

2018    57

2019    67

2020    85

2021    66

Year    Fatalities

2017    115

2018    131

2019    144

2020    145

2021    153

Fulton County numbers are higher because it holds about 90% of the population of Atlanta. But as you can see, far too many people are dying on Georgia roads, regardless of county.

In these and other counties throughout Georgia and the rest of the country, certain types of crashes tend to occur most often. Here’s a quick look at just a few.

T-bone crashes

This type of accident will typically take place at an intersection. One driver is moving into the intersection, while the other runs a red light or a stop sign. The shape of the two vehicles involved resembles a “T,” which is how this type of wreck got its name.

Two of the most common reasons T-bone accidents happen are distracted driving and alcohol or drug impairment. When a motorist pays more attention to sending a text or talking on their phone than the road, they can easily fail to realize they need to stop. When someone is drunk or high, they can’t react as quickly to a light or stop sign as if they were sober. The results are often disastrous.

Head-on collisions

A head-on crash in Gwinnett County is arguably the most terrifying because it almost always leads to severe injuries or deaths. Like T-bone accidents, head-on collisions often result from distracted or drunk driving.

Sideswipe accidents

Sideswipe collisions occur when one vehicle brushes up against the side of another. In most instances, the driver being hit can control their vehicle well enough that they can get to safety. Sometimes, however, a motorist will go into a ditch or hit a guardrail, street sign, or some other object. Speeding is one of the more common causes of sideswipes.

Is the problem going to get worse?

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that the number of car crashes in Gwinnett County will increase. Even though the rate of growth in Gwinnett County isn’t as explosive as it was in the 1970s and 1980s, our area still has more than 980,000 residents. Our population is expected to be nearly 1.3 million by 2040 – and that’s on the low end of most projections.

Unless major changes take place to our traffic infrastructure, it’s inevitable that another 50,000 people will put more of a strain on our roads and highways. Of course, when there are more vehicles, there are more chances for accidents to happen.

Are significant improvements on the horizon?

The good news is that county and state leaders are being proactive to address not only today’s issues but also any problems that might arise in the future

For example, in February 2023, Gwinnett County announced it received a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to expand roadway safety projects. The county also announced an additional $50,000 contribution to implement programs to prevent injuries and deaths on its streets and highways.

In April 2023, Gwinnett County received another $1.05 million to examine solutions to increase safety on Singleton Road, one of the main thoroughfares running through much of Gwinnett Village.

Steps toward a safer future

The above steps are a great start toward helping ensure our county is a safe place to drive. Hopefully, more initiatives will make our streets even safer. Rafi Law Firm will be here if you’re hurt in a car crash in Gwinnett County. Just call (404) 800-9933 or use our online form to schedule a free case review.

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