As the weather gets cooler, we enter a time of thrills and chills, which means that many of us are picking out our spookiest costumes and getting tickets to local haunted houses like Netherworld. These haunted houses can be a scary good time, but what happens when something goes wrong?

You may have suffered haunted house injuries because a haunted house was not adequately maintained or someone tried to harm you. These businesses can be held liable for suffering when you are hurt because someone was negligent.

While taking the right steps to keep yourself safe from Halloween injuries is important, you also have options if you are injured and must file a haunted house lawsuit. Speak to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer if you are hurt because someone was careless this Halloween season.

haunted house injuries

What kinds of injuries are common at haunted houses?

When you are having a good time at a haunted house, you may suddenly find yourself surprised and injured. Unfortunately, things can go wrong in an instant, no matter how much fun you are having.

While haunted houses should look scary, they should not be unsafe. Any floorboards should be checked for weaknesses, stairs should be repaired if handrails are broken, or steps are missing, and no electrical wiring or slippery floors should be left unattended or without warnings.

If a haunted house has failed to provide these warnings or repairs, you may have unfortunately suffered some of the following injuries, among others:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Electrical burns
  • Lacerations
  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Sprains and strains

If You have suffered any of these injuries, seek guidance from an attorney. Your lawyer can help you through this process and provide the tools you need to recover financially from your injuries.

Who’s liable for haunted house injuries?

If you were hurt in a haunted house, you may have a legal claim against the owner of the haunted house. While scare actors and other workers at Netherworld may be expected to maintain the safety of the haunted house, the property owner is liable for any injuries on their property.

Because of this, you may need a lawyer’s help to determine who owns the property to take legal action. When a haunt is not property properly maintained, you and your attorney may be able to gather evidence of this negligence and identify the owner to hold them accountable for their actions.

What kinds of compensation may I be able to recover?

When you are hurt at a haunt, you may be due compensation that covers the damages you have suffered, providing funds you need to overcome the serious injuries you have experienced. Unfortunately, identifying and calculating these damages can be difficult. You may need an attorney to determine what economic and non-economic damages you are due.

First, your economic damages should cover any financial losses you have suffered because of your accident. That includes recovery for any injuries, property damage, or long-term changes to your house, such as a wheelchair ramp installation.

You may also be due non-economic damages for the intangible suffering you experienced. For example, you may have suffered a very painful injury. While it can be difficult to quantify this type of damage, your attorney does have the tools needed to identify the value of your claim.

What should I do if the at-fault party tries to blame me?

Unfortunately, because Halloween can be a time of excitement and reckless action, the at-fault party may try to reduce their liability by blaming you. They may claim that you are acting recklessly or were in part of the haunted house you were not supposed to be in. If you do not fight back against these allegations, it can reduce the value of your compensation.

The key to protecting your case is to gather evidence that disputes the at-fault party’s claim. For example, if they claim you were acting recklessly, your lawyer may pursue surveillance footage or eyewitness accounts that show you were not acting in a way that would endanger yourself and others.

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