A little boy will be growing up without his father thanks to a hit-and-run driver in DeKalb County. The accident occurred on December 30, just after 10:00 p.m. The driver in the accident struck a motorcyclist and kept going.

According to reports, a man was riding his motorcycle and a friend was riding behind him. The friend witnessed the whole incident. The pair were riding on N Decatur Road when the first motorcycle attempted to make a turn onto Warren Avenue. As the man was turning his bike, he was hit by a Budget Rental truck.

The impact sent the motorcyclist to the ground. The truck ran the man over and kept driving. By the time an ambulance arrived on scene, the motorcyclist had already passed away. Police still have not located the hit-and-run driver and it may be difficult to do so because it was not the driver’s vehicle.

Anyone who knows anything about the accident or has a clue as to who may have been driving the rental truck should call their local police department for assistance. Not only has a man lost his life, but a 3-year-old boy will grow into a man without his biological father by his side.

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