You were injured in a car accident. It seems obvious to you that it wasn’t your fault, but you still need to prove it. Otherwise, your personal injury case is going nowhere. It doesn’t seem fair, but it’s completely legal. Determining fault sometimes takes investigators with experience to figure out who was negligent.

Who Will Investigate Your Accident?

Various parties, including yourself, may help investigate your wreck. The extent of the investigation depends on the complexity of your case. In some instances, fault is easily determined. In other crashes, it can take the police, insurance investigators, and even your attorney to put all the pieces together. 

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No matter who investigates your car accident, there are certain things you can expect.

Evidence Gathering

A variety of evidence can be collected from the scene of an accident. 

A key piece of evidence is the police report compiled by the responding officer. Information gathered on the official crash report includes the location of the wreck, the time it occurred, weather conditions, visibility, and the final position of the vehicles. Other factors that may be documented include whether specific actions led to the accident, such as if the other driver is suspected of running a stop sign or driving under the influence.

Some accidents may require an investigator to return to the scene. There, the investigator will look for skid marks, take measurements, and look for any debris that may have been left behind. 

Recording the Scene

As long as you are safely able to do so, take pictures of the scene immediately after the accident. Take pictures of all the vehicles involved from several different angles. Take photos of the road and your location. The police may take additional photos as part of their investigation, and your attorney may take photographic evidence as well. You can’t take too many pictures. Your attorney will decide what photos and videos will be useful to your case.

Vehicle Inspection

Parties investigating your accident will inspect all vehicles involved. The type of damage and points of impact can provide investigators with a wealth of information. 

In most cases, your insurance company will also send someone out to inspect your vehicle. This is so the insurance company can put together what they deem to be an appropriate settlement offer.

Reconstructing the Accident

All of the evidence and information gathered by investigators will be used to reconstruct the accident. The reconstruction will tell investigators who was most likely at fault and who was negligent. This is an important step in your case. 

Connecting Injuries to Specific Accident Events

One of the most important things to prove is that the crash directly led to your injuries. Even if an accident was clearly caused by someone else, it does not necessarily prove that your injuries were. 

The defending parties, which includes the at-fault driver’s insurance company, may try to argue that injuries were part of an existing condition, or that they somehow occurred after the accident.

To prove that someone else was the direct cause of your injury, your Atlanta car accident attorney will look at your medical charts, test results, and final diagnosis. They can visit the scene of the accident to connect specific events, like a vehicle rollover, to a specific injury. Along with interrogatory statements gathered from medical professionals, this can firmly establish liability for all of your injury costs.

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