People in Atlanta, and around the rest of the country, love their pets. Many treat their dogs like human children. Imagine the horror of seeing your pet being attacked by another animal. Imagine the shock of discovering that the attacking animal was a jungle cat.

Atlanta residents were shocked when a tiger was seen roaming through their streets. According to reports, a tiger named Suzy was being transported from Tampa to Memphis by workers for Feld Entertainment. The tiger had been raised since it was a cub by a single owner and was being sold to a circus out of the country.

The drivers for the company made a stop in Georgia overnight. They last saw Suzy in her enclosure Tuesday night and were not aware she was missing until they arrived in Tennessee. By the time they realized the cat was missing, she had already been killed.

Residents in the metro Atlanta area called 911 with reports of a tiger on the loose. One of those residents was a woman who witnessed the tiger jump her fence and attack her pet dachshund. As police arrived on scene, the dog was able to escape the tiger’s clutches and the tiger was shot. It was determined that lethal force was necessary because the tiger had attacked a pet.

The dog sustained only minor injury. Suzy was cremated following her death, and the investigation into how she escaped remains open.

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