Unfortunately, the city of Atlanta is known for its crime rate, and according to Neighborhood Scout, there’s a risk 1 in 134 of being victimized by a violent crime, while the chances of falling victim to a property crime is much more likely at 1 in 27. Prosecutors are fighting to hold landlords and property owners liable for the damages sustained by victims on their properties.

If you’ve been the victim of a crime in one of the most dangerous apartments in Atlanta, the property owner’s negligence may make them liable for your damages. Contact an Atlanta crime victim lawyer from Rafi Law Firm for help pursuing maximum damages in your case by calling (404) 800-9933. 

Some complexes targeted by local prosecutors

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Atlanta and Fulton County prosecutors are beginning to target persistently substandard housing following an AJC investigation that identified “dangerous dwellings” in the city of Atlanta.

The goal of the investigation is to hold landlords accountable for the substandard and unsafe housing they’re providing to tenants. 

Ashley Cascade III

11 Alive reports that a pregnant woman living in this complex was struck by a stray bullet which caused significant injuries and resulted in long-term and life-altering damages. This woman has contracted the assistance of an attorney to collect the damages she’s entitled to from the apartment complex. 

Bedford Pines

The management of this property has failed to engage in sufficient maintenance to improve the property for nearly a decade which has led to a decline in the property value and a rise in violent crime within the development.

In fact, crime is so prevalent at Bedford Pines that Atlanta police opened a holding cell right on the property.

Colonial Square

A woman was sexually assaulted following a breaking-and-entering in this apartment complex. The perpetrator didn’t live at the residence, but he easily trespassed and assaulted the tenant inside her home.

Fairburn Gordon I & II

most dangerous apartments in atlanta fairburn gordon

Fairburn Gordon apartments are especially violent, and have been the location of armed home invasions and drive-by shootings in addition to multiple other shootings on the property.

The uncontained crime in these apartments has resulted in the injury of many innocent persons who may have a claim against the property management for improper security measures and other negligence. 

Forest Cove

Condemned after decades of substandard living conditions including roach and vermin infestations and multiple shootings, Forest Cove is another example of the many substandard housing complexes in Atlanta that caused the tenants to suffer and be wrongly victimized.

Five individuals were shot at Forest Cove just prior to the building being condemned.

most dangerous apartments in atlanta forest cove

In Atlanta, “affordable housing” really means “barely habitable”

The Atlanta housing market isn’t ideal for would-be tenants, as the laws largely protect landlords in their sub-par behavior. When this behavior is challenged, tenants are met with resistance, despite the landlords owing a duty of care to their tenants. When access to properties isn’t controlled and tenant safety isn’t proactively enforced, victimization levels can increase. 

When a landlord’s negligence was the result of the damages from the crime you were a victim of, they will be liable, and an Atlanta crime victim lawyer from Rafi Law Firm can help you, even with the challenging laws that seem to protect landlords more than tenants.

“Lax security, deferred maintenance, and weak tenant protection laws”

Property managers have a duty to maintain the safety of their properties, a duty which includes maintaining the exterior lighting and other security features like cameras or even security guards. 

When someone rents an apartment based on advertisements of security features, even on-site security, they enter into that lease agreement relying on the landlord’s promises. When the landlord breaches these duties or obligations, they can be liable for crimes that result.

In many instances your landlord can’t be forced into implementing new protective measures. However, if their failure to act on existing promises or failed to properly maintain the measures that were in place (such as failing to replace burnt out exterior light bulbs), and that failure led to you falling victim of a crime, they and their insurance company could be financially responsible for your damages.

This could include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings potential
  • Property theft and/or damage
  • Pain and suffering

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