Most people consider the police to be people we call for help when we are involved in an accident. In an unusual twist, a police officer was the person who caused an accident in DeKalb County on July 25.

According to reports, an officer swerved to avoid another vehicle just before 7:30 a.m. When he swerved, he struck a pedestrian. The 66-year-old woman was hit and critically injured. The police officer then crashed into a private residence at the intersection of Chamblee Tucker and Brown Road.

The pedestrian that was hit was described as an avid runner. Family said that she jogged every day. As far as the home that was struck, one person was inside at the time of the accident but was uninjured. The police chief told reporters that a left-turning car was avoided by the officer, who then hit the pedestrian.

Both the jogger and the officer were taken to local hospitals. The jogger was listed in critical condition. The officer was also listed in critical condition but upgraded to stable. The driver of the vehicle that was making a left turn stayed at the scene and answered questions from investigators.

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