It would be a fair assumption that a vehicle crashing into your business would be an unusual occurrence. In fact, most business owners will never experience the fear and stress of having a vehicle careen through their walls. Unfortunately for a pizzeria owner in Atlanta, his business has been hit by a vehicle not once, but twice in a matter of months.

On June 10, an accident left an Atlanta pizzeria closed for business. Old Fourth Ward pizzeria had enough damage that it was left inoperable. The owner of the restaurant was in checking out damage when he sat down to wait for a package to be delivered in early July. It was then that he was shocked to hear another car crash into the same wall that had been hit the first time.

From what the owner was able to gather, a woman ran a red light and hit another car. That accident sent her into the building. That woman left the scene in an ambulance and no other information was available immediately following the accident.

Damages from the first accident include a broken water pipe that flooded the restaurant, dumping thousands of gallons of water into the building. The second accident only made the already damaged wall a bit more damaged. The owner estimates that it will now be several months before he can reopen. The owner said it is basically out of his control.

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