On just one night late in December, there were three different reported shootings in parking lots across Atlanta. The gun violence left six people injured, and one person was killed. The shootings are not believed to be related.

The first shooting occurred at a Raceway gas station on Campbellton Road. There was a shootout by two men. One was pumping gas into his green hatchback when a black BMW pulled up. The driver of the BMW pulled out a gun, and the man pumping gas did as well; then the two men began shooting at each other. The man pumping gas was struck in the back, but survived. A stray bullet hit a passing MARTA bus, but the only injury there was minor and from the shattered glass. The BMW drove away, and the driver has not been located.

About an hour after that incident, there was a shooting at Henery’s Pack-a-Sack package store on Joseph E. Boone Road. Three people were standing outside the store when a white SUV pulled up. Four or five people inside the SUV starting shooting and hit all three people standing outside the store. Their injuries were not fatal. All suspects within the SUV fled the scene and have not been apprehended. The location is known for drug activity and gun violence.

The final shooting was at a QuikTrip gas station on Buford Highway in Chamblee. A 30-year-old man was shot multiple times in the chest at about 3:20 a.m., which killed the victim. A police officer had just pulled into the station to get gas when the shooting happened, and he pursued a car he thought the suspect was driving. After realizing that driver was not involved, he returned to the gas station to attend to the victim. The suspect is still at large, driving a gray or green Maserati Quatroporte.

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