A truck driver was operating a Freightliner Corporation truck hauling benzoyl chloride and operating with 50 gallons of diesel fuel. The trucker struck an SUV and overturned, spilling hazardous chemicals onto the Downtown Connector. A crew responded to the scene to clear the mess in just a few hours. Both drivers in the accident were charged.

According to reports, heavy trucks without business in the city are not permitted inside I-285. With all of the road closures happening in the city, truck drivers attempt to get around these rules, hoping that they won’t be caught. This was the case in this incident. The trucker should not have been on the connector.

The truck driver reported to have seen the SUV stopped and attempted to move around the vehicle. As he did, the SUV crossed into the trucker’s path, causing the trucker to strike the smaller vehicle. The driver of the SUV told police that he stopped to change lanes when he was hit by the truck. In any case, the accident caused the truck to overturn and spill its contents.

Both drivers involved in the crash were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. The driver of the SUV was not on scene when police arrived, but was found walking down the interstate. He was ultimately charged with having a suspended license, improperly stopping on a highway, having an expired license and improperly changing lanes. The driver of the truck received a charge of operating a truck on a prohibited roadway.

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