In June’s Monthly Webinar Series from Rafi Law Firm, join Mike Rafi and guest Alan Stagmeier for an overview of three recent cases.

The Cases

First, we will look at a case involving a rear-end car crash that resulted in a $1.5 million settlement. Next, we will cover a trucking crash that resulted in a $1 million dollar settlement for our client. Lastly is the sexual assault case at the center of Apple’s #1 podcast, Betrayal.

Who is this for?

Though we design our webinars with attorneys in mind, all are welcome to attend. From paralegals, to business professionals, to the every-day person who is just curious about how the world of personal injury law works, we give everyone the opportunity to learn something new.

How to join

Rafi Law Firm aims for our webinars to be accessible to everyone. Register via Zoom to receive a link to the webinar via email on the day-of. You will receive a reminder email the day before and a link to our YouTube channel the day after.

How to watch later

If you can’t make it live, all of our webinars are posted to our YouTube channel within a week of broadcasting. On our channel, you will find all of our past webinars. We also have several “tips of the day” videos for personal injury attorneys.

Keep the momentum going

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