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There is no telling when a rear-end car accident will happen in Atlanta. If you get hurt in a tail-end accident caused by a negligent motorist, help is available. At this point, you can partner with an Atlanta car accident lawyer who can file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

At Rafi Law Firm, we make it easy to connect with an experienced Atlanta rear-end accident attorney. For more information, please get in touch with us. A lawyer from our team can review your case and help you decide if now is the right time to file a lawsuit.

atlanta rear end accident attorney

How can an Atlanta rear-end accident attorney help me?

Your Atlanta rear-end collision attorney will review your case in detail and determine who is at fault for your accident. If a negligent motorist is responsible for your accident, your lawyer will help you gather evidence against this individual. They can also provide do’s and don’ts for your personal injury case and ensure that you are well-equipped to prove that the other motorist is at fault.

How much does it cost to hire a rear-end accident lawyer in Atlanta?

The amount you pay to hire an Atlanta rear-end accident attorney depends on who you hire. Some attorneys require a retainer and charge you an hourly rate for the duration of your litigation. Others operate on a contingency-fee basis, which is ideal for those involved in car accident cases. 

A rear-end accident attorney in Atlanta who works on contingency will not charge you anything unless they win or settle your case. This means your attorney takes full responsibility for the outcome of your case. If your lawyer does not secure compensation, you do not have to pay anything for their services. 

Rafi Law Firm can connect you with an Atlanta rear-end collision accident and injury attorney who works on a contingency basis. On top of that, our attorneys have a track record of outstanding case results in auto accident lawsuits. To get started, please reach out to us.  

Where do most rear-end accidents occur in Atlanta?

Rear-end accidents occur in many places around Atlanta, including:

If you are involved in a back-end accident at any of these locations or anywhere else in Atlanta, get medical help. Also, report the accident to the police and keep track of any injuries or property damage you suffer. In the days after your accident, connect with an Atlanta rear-end collision lawyer, too.  

A good attorney makes no assumptions regarding your accident. Instead, they learn about your accident, find out why it happened, and go over your legal options with you. If you decide to move forward with a personal injury claim, your lawyer will make sure it is filed right away. 

What are the leading causes of rear-end collisions?

Common reasons why bumper collisions take place include the following.

Distracted driving

A motorist may look down at their GPS or cell phone or get distracted in some other way and slam into the car in front of them. 

Drunk driving

An intoxicated driver may be slow to react in time to stop a rear-end collision. 

Drowsy driving

A driver who spends a long period behind the wheel can feel tired, which increases their risk of a tail-end accident. 

Dangerous driving behaviors

If a driver is traveling faster than the posted speed limit, they may struggle to stop in time to prevent a back-end accident.

Also, a driver who chooses not to stop at a red light can crash into a vehicle in front of them.

Tailgating is another dangerous driving behavior that causes many rear-end accidents. If one driver is traveling too closely behind the car in front of them and the vehicle that was in front stops, the driver who is following too closely can cause a rear-end accident. 

Poor road or weather conditions

Potholes and other road hazards can make it difficult for a driver to stop their vehicle quickly enough to avoid a rear-end collision. 

Rain and other harsh weather conditions can also hamper a driver’s visibility to the point where they cause a tail-end car accident. 

atlanta rear end collision lawyer

Car defects

A motorist who does not properly maintain their vehicle can suffer brake problems or other issues that disrupt their ability to stop, leading to a back-end collision.  

Many rear-end accidents are preventable. By following the rules of the road and prioritizing safe travel, drivers in Atlanta can minimize their risk of collisions. Regardless, some drivers are negligent — and if they cause a crash, they can be held financially responsible for their actions. 

When you know how to prove liability in a car accident, you are in a great spot. You can show that a driver was negligent and caused your rear-end collision. Plus, you can build a compelling argument to secure the most damages possible. 

What kinds of injuries are common in rear-end collisions?

Rear-end collision injuries range in terms of severity. Common injuries reported after collisions include the following.

Head injuries

In the immediate aftermath of a back-end car accident, you may experience a headache or concussion. Severe injuries can also crop up after an auto accident, such as a brain contusion, skull fracture, or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Some head injuries can impact a person’s emotional, physical, and mental well-being long after their car accidents. 

Neck injuries

If your head jerks forward and then back during a rear-end collision, you may experience whiplash or neck pain that persists for weeks or months after your accident. Other types of neck injuries that people experience after auto accidents include a slipped or herniated disc, pinched nerve, and neck strain. Neck injuries from car accidents may require expensive surgeries to treat. 

Back injuries

It is common to notice pain in the upper and lower back following a rear-end auto collision. Back muscle spasms and stiffness can occur in the days after your accident. Along with these issues, you may experience a degenerative disc disorder that affects you long into the future. 

Psychological distress

In addition to these issues, you may be prone to various psychological responses to injuries in your car accident. With help from an Atlanta rear-end accident attorney, you can request compensation from the negligent motorist responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer will help you build your case, present evidence, and show a judge or jury why you deserve the maximum amount of damages.  

Of course, when you meet with an Atlanta rear-end accident lawyer, share copies of your medical records, accident reports, and any other evidence you have. Your attorney can examine the evidence you have gathered to date and assess the overall strength of your case. They can then look for ways to argue your case and make sure that you can prove the other driver involved in it was responsible. 

Is the driver in back always at fault?

The rear driver is not always at fault in a bumper accident. Instances in which the driver in front can be found responsible for a rear-end collision include the following.


A driver can swerve into your lane, and you may not have enough time to move your vehicle to avoid a rear-end accident. 

Brake-check accident

If you intentionally press down on the brake pedal to stop suddenly even though there is no imminent danger, you may be found at fault for your car accident. 

Illegal turn

A motorist can illegally turn into your lane, and before you can react, you can get into an auto accident. 

No indicator

If you do not use your signals to indicate that you are switching lanes and the car behind you hits your vehicle, you may be responsible for your collision. 

Brake lights do not work

If your brake lights are malfunctioning and the car behind you has no idea that your vehicle is stopped, you may be considered accountable for your rear-end auto collision. 

How our Atlanta rear-end accident lawyers prove fault

“Fault” occurs when one person harms another. It plays a crucial role in personal injury cases. If you are attempting to get damages from the motorist responsible for your rear-end collision, you must be able to show this individual was negligent. 

At Rafi Law Firm, we leave no room for mistakes as we prepare your rear-end accident case. Our rear-end accident lawyer commits the time, energy, and resources required to show a judge or jury that the other motorist caused your accident. We also consider how the defendant in your case may argue against you and plan accordingly. 

Throughout your litigation, we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to help you prove fault. We prepare a compelling argument and work diligently to present it to a judge or jury. With our strong history of securing favorable compensation for clients, you should have no trouble securing a fair amount of compensation in your case. 

Rear-end collisions and Georgia’s comparative negligence law

Some states have contributory negligence statutes for rear-end collisions, while others follow comparative negligence laws. With a clear understanding of contributory vs. comparative negligence, you can plan for your Atlanta rear-end collision lawsuit. Most importantly, you can work with an attorney who will help you show that the defendant in your case was fully responsible for your crash. 

In a contributory negligence state, you can seek damages even if you are not primarily responsible for your rear-end collision. Comparatively, in a comparative negligence state, you must show that the defendant in your case was primarily responsible for being awarded damages. If you are found to be more than 50% responsible for your car accident, you cannot be granted any compensation. But as long as you are less than 50% responsible, you are still eligible for a settlement.

Georgia is a comparative negligence state, which means anyone primarily responsible for a rear-end collision cannot receive damages. When you have a best-in-class car accident lawyer in Atlanta at your side, you can build an argument that shows you are not primarily responsible for your crash. Your lawyer considers a wealth of evidence to support your request for compensation and ensures that you present an argument that resonates with a judge or jury. 

Hit from behind? Our Atlanta rear-end accident lawyers are ready to help.

The team at Rafi Law Firm will work hard to help you get the compensation you deserve. To learn more or request a free consultation, please contact us online or at (404) 800-9933.

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