There’s no one answer to the question how will a car accident affect your insurance. What happened to your insurance premiums will depend on the company and specific policy you hold, your history as a driver, the severity of the accident or damage, and possibly other factors.

Some car insurance companies will raise your premiums after any accident, no matter how much damage occurred or who was at fault. Other companies offer accident forgiveness, which is a way to reward good drivers by allowing their first accident to not raise their premium.

In other situations, your premium may go up higher and faster if you have a profile as a high-risk driver, or slower and less high if you have a profile as an overall safe driver. It’s a good idea to look at how insurance companies handle accidents before purchasing a policy and to select the one that does the most to reward good drivers.

Sometimes drivers attempt to avoid paying a higher premium by not reporting an accident to insurance. However, this can cause much bigger problems down the road and doesn’t always pay off in the driver’s favor.

An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide more information about the aftermath of a wreck.

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