car accident settlement If you’ve been involved in a wreck and suffered serious damages, there’s a chance that the car accident settlement the insurance company offers won’t cover your losses and suffering. When settlement offers don’t meet your needs, you have the option of pursuing legal action to collect all of your damages in full.

Negotiations with insurance providers are best done with the help of a car accident lawyer. If you have a question about your car accident settlement, we can help. Meet with Mike Rafi in a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about your options and find the best path forward. 

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How Car Accident Settlements Work

Car accidents can result in severe damages that impact victims for a long time. Sometimes, the damages include the death of a loved one. Whether to claim expensive, debilitating, and/or life-impacting damages that weren’t covered outside of court, or to claim the damages that were caused by wrongful death, legal action might be the best path for you.

Car accidents are settled by:

  1. Investigations
  2. Insurance offers
  3. Negotiations (if necessary)
  4. Legal action when needed


Investigations are a very important part of the settlement process after a car accident. Investigations start at the scene of the accident. All parties should be gathering evidence to support their damage claims.

Police will come to the scene to discuss the accident with all involved parties and witnesses and assess the damage. They will coordinate emergency medical help as needed. All investigations, including looking into every detail of the scene and listening to testimonies, will be documented in the police report and given to the insurance providers. If a case goes to court, the evidence is more crucial than ever.

Insurance Offers & Negotiations

After the accident, all parties involved must notify their insurance providers and file a claim with the other party’s insurance provider for damages. Using evidence from the car accident scene and the police report, fault and damages are distributed. From there, the insurance providers submit settlement offers.

In some cases, the other party’s insurance settlement offer will not cover your actual expenses, losses, and suffering. Damages may be life-changing and severe. The other party may have minimum coverage that doesn’t meet your needs, and you may be wondering whether you should accept the offer or not.

You may be tempted to accept a less-than-satisfactory insurance settlement offer to move on from the case. However, the easy, quick route isn’t always the best. Hire a car accident lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Negotiations can go on for a while outside of court, but it’s important to realize that you only have a certain amount of time from the date of the accident to file a legal claim, according to Georgia’s statute of limitations. Consult with a lawyer to decide whether or not a legal claim is the right path for you.

Legal Action

Before taking legal action after a car accident, you need to first meet with a trustworthy car accident lawyer like Mike Rafi. Also, you must be less than 50% at-fault for the accident, according to Georgia’s modified comparative negligence law. Damages can only be claimed through a lawsuit if a person is 49% or less responsible for the accident, and the percentage that the plaintiff is found at-fault for the accident will be deducted from the total settlement.

During a free consultation, you and Mike will review all aspects of your accident, including any case documents, evidence, insurance claim information, and more. Mike will lead you on the best path for your case, helping you file a legal claim, negotiating on your behalf, and taking the case to trial when necessary. Mike will work tirelessly to fight for justice and help you get all of the settlement money that you are entitled to receive.

Working with an accident attorney won’t put you at any risk since you have no obligation to pay them until you win your settlement. Mike works on a contingency fee basis, and fees are calculated in the settlement amount that we demand in the claim.

Meet Top Car Accident Attorney Mike Rafi 

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