what does a car accident lawyer doHave you recently been in an accident? Even if an accident was relatively minor, many people find they need a car accident lawyer to help them recover their losses.

That said, car accident lawyers are especially important when the accident involves a death, serious injuries, and/or property damages. It is also common to hire a car accident lawyer when the at-fault party is unclear or if you need help deciding what your legal options are.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a car accident lawyer.

Case Investigation and Analysis

A car accident lawyer performs an investigation into your case, which helps determine what damages you can collect, your role in the accident, and how you will move forward. They use knowledge and experience in this area of law to help you build your case and decide the best path forward.

A top lawyer like Mike Rafi will meet with you to review your case. He will review what damage has been sustained, and if your accident has just happened, he can travel to the scene to evaluate the crash. 

Mr. Rafi can discuss the details of the accident with the police, medical professionals, and witnesses, and he will research the other driver and the employer when applicable.

Help Form a Legal Claim to Collect Damages

Once your case is fully investigated, a car accident lawyer will help you form a legal claim to collect all damages that apply to your situation. Damages that are commonly claimed after a car accident include vehicle and property damage, medical expenses, non-economic damages, lost wages, and wrongful death damages.

These damages must be directly related to the accident, and strong evidence must be provided in order to receive full compensation for all related expenses. While damages like medical expenses and property damages are common, a lawyer can help you understand what’s required for less-common claims, such as non-monetary damages like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Prove Negligence 

When filing a lawsuit after a car accident, it’s necessary to prove the other party was at fault due to their negligence. Proving negligence is not always easy, especially without the help of a lawyer. One must know how exactly negligence is defined by law, and depending on the accident, you may be going up against a strong defense team.

A top car accident lawyer will know how to prove that the other party acted negligently, considering the duty of care, the breach of duty of care, injuries caused by the accident, and real damages caused by the accident. 

Each of these aspects of negligence can be complex, so it’s best to put your case in the hands of an experienced car accident lawyer.

Guide and Consult You Throughout the Legal Process

One of the best benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer in Atlanta is getting experience, knowledge, and success on your side. With a top lawyer, you won’t have to navigate your lawsuit alone. You can get answers to any of your questions and know where you stand throughout the process. 

Whether your case involves mediation, trial, and/or another form of settling, you can be confident in your path forward. 

How Car Accident Lawyer Fees Work

When hiring a car accident lawyer, you may wonder how you will be able to afford a good attorney. For most car accident cases, a lawyer will be hired on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement means that your lawyer only gets paid when you get a settlement.

The lawyer’s fee from the settlement may be around 30-40% of the total. The lawyer makes sure to factor in his or her payment in the settlement that is asked for. A contingency fee agreement is signed at the beginning of the arrangement. 

This way, clients can be sure their attorney is taking their case because they know they have a fighting chance at getting them the compensation they deserve.

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