The tough reality is, you’ll have to speak with an insurance adjuster if you’ve been in a collision. Nobody enjoys it, but we have a few tips to help protect your interests and prevent the adjuster from blaming you. Before you speak to the insurance company, get help from an Atlanta car accident lawyer at Rafi Law Firm to protect your rights after your accident.

what not to say to an insurance adjuster

Here’s what not to say

If you speculate, admit fault, or say anything else you shouldn’t, your claim could be denied, or you could lose valuable compensation for your damages. Here is what not to say to insurance after an accident.

“Yes” to a recorded statement

Do not agree to give a recorded statement. The insurance company will try to find ways to use your word against you. Only provide an initial written account and refer them to your Atlanta car accident attorney.

Anything related to fault

Under Georgia law, you can only recover damages for injuries sustained in an accident if you were less than 50% at fault. As such, you mustn’t admit any responsibility, even partially. Do not apologize or use language that can make it seem like you are taking the blame.

Speculations about what happened

Do not make assumptions about the accident, even if you know what caused it and how much damage was done. The police report and essential documents will show what happened in your collision. If you are asked a question you are unsure of, it is okay to say you do not know.

Details about your injuries

Never discuss the extent of your injuries with an insurance adjuster. They might use your statement to show that your injuries are minor or that you have been dishonest. Instead, you should get medical treatment and document your injuries with your healthcare professionals.

Your medical history

Never provide the adjuster with your medical records. They’ll look for ways to minimize your injuries or claim they were pre-existing. If needed, your car accident lawyer in Atlanta can provide the necessary records and documentation at the appropriate time.

Anyone’s contact information

The insurance adjuster will use any information they can against you. They can find the basic information they need in the official accident documentation. Do not provide them with the names of the parties involved in the accident, contact information for your family or friends, or anything related to your injuries.

“Yes” to an initial settlement offer

Do not accept a settlement offer right away. Once you do, your claim will be closed, and you cannot pursue additional compensation for unknown or worsening injuries. You should decline the adjuster’s offer and immediately contact an Atlanta car accident attorney.

Should you retain a car accident attorney in Atlanta for help?

Insurance adjusters know precisely what to ask you so they can minimize your injuries or blame you for your accident. In addition to knowing what not to say to an insurance adjuster, you should get representation from a professional Atlanta car accident lawyer who can speak to the insurance company and protect your rights.

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