what to do after a car accidentWhether you’ve been involved in a crash before or not, it’s good to know what to do after a car accident. Car accidents can leave all parties involved feeling defensive, frightened, and uneasy, but there are several steps that should be taken after the wreck.

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What To Do After a Car Accident

Whether the car accident has just happened or you’re doing your best to be prepared, here’s what you need to do after a car accident.

Call the Police to Report the Accident

Calling the police should always be your first step. When reporting the accident to the police, you will tell them your location and basic details of the accident. They will come to assess the scene and discuss the details with all parties involved. 

If you do not report the accident to the police, you may have a harder time proving the details of the accident and getting the compensation that you deserve. 

It’s important to cooperate with the police officer(s) who come to investigate the accident. It’s good to provide thorough answers to the questions that they ask, offer up any information about the accident that you can, and don’t leave the scene of the accident until you’re told that you can do so.

While the police report won’t be immediately available, it’s good to get a copy of it as soon as you can.

Assess Injuries and Get Emergency Medical Attention

After calling 911, make sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay. If anyone has any serious injuries, inform the police. They will help coordinate emergency medical transport.

Gather Evidence

Damage after a car accident can come in all shapes and sizes, including damage to your vehicle and your personal possessions, in addition to injuries. Gather evidence immediately following the accident. You can take pictures and/or videos on your smartphone, interview witnesses, take notes, and more. 

Any evidence that proves the fault of the other party for your damages will be key to getting the compensation that you deserve for your losses. 

Exchange Information

While still at the scene of the accident, exchange information with the other party involved, including driver’s license numbers, addresses, names, insurance policy information, and license plate numbers. This allows you to easily report the incident to your insurance provider, so they can seamlessly communicate with the other party’s insurance provider on your behalf to settle any claims. 

If there is any pushback from the other driver in giving you the basic identification and insurance information that you need, you can obtain it from the investigating police officer.

Get Medical Help for Injuries

Even if you think that an injury is minor, get your condition assessed by your primary care doctor or an urgent care physician right after the accident. Some accidents result in hidden injuries, and something minor or unseen can turn into something serious. It’s best to visit a doctor early to get documentation of any injuries and begin treatment as needed. 

Follow the advice that your doctor gives, such as undergoing testing, following through with any treatment plans, and visiting specialists. Notify your doctor of any change in your condition right away.

Medical documentation, such as physical assessments, findings, exams, treatment plans, and written testimonies are important for getting the maximum compensation for your injuries. Be sure to keep all documentation safe and on-hand should you need it at any time after the accident.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer

An auto accident lawyer can begin helping you as soon as the accident happens. Mike and the team at Rafi Law Firm can help you decide what the best route forward is, perform investigations, negotiate on your behalf, and assist you throughout the process. We can help you collect evidence to build a rock-solid case and get the most compensation possible for your injuries, damages, and suffering.

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