In a 4-car accident, the driver who initially caused the crash is often the at-fault party. However, determining all potentially liable parties can be difficult. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you identify the at-fault party in your 4-car crash, so you can seek damages accordingly.

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who's at fault in a 3 car accident

Who is at fault in a 3-car accident?

To determine who is at fault in a 3-car collision, consider who first contacted all the vehicles involved. For example, if a motorist looks down at their cell phone while behind the wheel, they can cause a distracted driving crash. This motorist can strike one vehicle that ultimately hits another one — and in this scenario, the aforementioned driver is responsible for the incident.

What about a 3-car rear-end collision?

Regarding who is responsible in a 3-car rear-end collision, the driver who caused the initial tail-end crash is usually the at-fault party. For instance, a motorist may drive while impaired, which can affect their ability to stay focused. This driver can cause a rear-end accident and be held accountable for damages to any vehicles involved in the crash.

Who pays in a 3-car accident?

The driver liable in a 3-car accident can be held responsible for any damages associated with the incident. This motorist may be required to pay economic and non-economic damages to accident victims. Economic damages relate to medical bills and other quantifiable losses, while non-economic damages can be awarded for pain, suffering, and other subjective losses.

How do you get money after a 3-car accident?

Once you figure out who is responsible for a 3-car crash, you need to be able to prove negligence. This requires you to gather evidence and witness testimony to show that a motorist was negligent and caused your accident. If you are successful, you can compel a judge or jury to award you damages.

How much compensation can I receive after a multi-car crash?

A car accident attorney in Atlanta can look at your case and calculate your damages. They will encourage you to ask for economic and non-economic compensation from the at-fault party. It’s important to note that every case is different and there is no way to determine your compensation without having a full picture of the extent of your injuries and insurance coverages involved.

Can I get compensation if a family member is killed in a multi-vehicle accident?

You can file a wrongful death claim if a spouse, parent, or other family members die in a multi-vehicle crash caused by a negligent driver. A car accident lawyer in Atlanta can explain what you need to do to submit a wrongful death claim. They can help you pursue a fair amount of compensation.

How long do I have to ask for damages after a multi-car crash?

There is generally a two-year window for you to seek compensation due to a personal injury or wrongful death relating to a car crash. “However, each case is unique and only an attorney can help you know if certain deadlines must be met sooner than that.”

How can I file a lawsuit after a multi-vehicle crash?

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