Understanding what happens after a deposition in a personal injury case can help alleviate some of the frustration and worry many people have during this process. Typically, there is a period when negotiations can take place and an agreement can be met. If that does not happen, the next step is going to trial to fight for the compensation owed.

At Rafi Law Firm, your Atlanta personal injury attorney ensures you are fully prepared for every step, including the depositions and negotiations afterward. Here are a few more things to remember as you work through getting compensation for your case.

what happens after a deposition

After a deposition, what happens to your case?

A deposition is a type of testimony in which the attorneys gather more information and get their questions answered. In most situations, this clears up many questions and may make it clear to the other party that they should pay for any losses incurred. The deposition may prove that the person or company being sued is negligent, leading the attorneys to work together to reach an agreement.

If your deposition is strong, that means that what happens after deposition is clear. A settlement is reached, and final documents are signed to move your case forward. If that does not happen, mediation or trial are the next steps.

What happens after deposition in personal injury cases that go to mediation?

Sometimes, the deposition has not led to an agreement, leading the parties to enter into mediation. This process is intended to negotiate the best possible outcome for all parties, who may go to trial if mediation does not work.

There are comprehensive talks with a neutral mediator during mediation, and both parties try to devise a solution. This may include negotiating the terms of a settlement. Keep in mind that mediation is not always a simple process. It can be an exhaustive way of wearing you down to get you to settle for less.

Our attorneys minimize this risk and continue to move towards going to trial if and when it is best to do so in your favor. Trial is a longer process but a necessary step in some situations. After your deposition, we prepare you for trial if that is the next step.

How long after deposition will a settlement take?

If your deposition resulted in a favorable agreement, you can typically expect the settlement to be completed within a matter of weeks. However, many factors can lengthen this, including disagreements on the terms.

The process can be extended further if your deposition leads to mediation and trial. It may take several weeks to set up the next phase of the trial, and then, depending on the complexity of your case, it could take several more weeks for an agreement to be reached. There are a lot of steps involved in this process, and our team works with you through them all.

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