Back injuries are complicated and can leave sufferers with lasting pain or chronic conditions. Some forms of treatment for back injuries are one-time procedures designed to fix the problem causing the pain, such as surgery. Other treatments are engaged in for a long period of time and are designed to strengthen, repair, and alleviate pain in the back over many sessions.

Physical therapy and structured movement is perhaps the best example of this, with a doctor or therapist overseeing a program designed in help you improve and not worsen your condition. For many individuals suffering from back injuries, ongoing prescriptions will be issued in the form of muscle relaxers, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medicine, and topical creams or sprays.

Steroid injections help some individuals who have suffered back injuries. Due to the complex nature of a traumatic injury, it’s important to talk to your doctor about what treatment options you have and what your long-term recovery might look like. If you received a back injury from an accident where you may have a personal injury lawsuit, these costs could all be included in your settlement.

Anyone who has suffered a back injury in Atlanta may benefit from speaking with a qualified personal injury attorney.


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