Residents of Atlanta suffer with back pain due to a variety of causes. Some people may have weak muscles in their trunk, others may have injured their back in the workplace, and still others may have sustained an injury in some type of vehicle collision. While many symptoms of back pain can be treated at home, others, such as those sustained in an accident, require medical intervention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Two of the most common types of back injuries caused in accidents are spondylolisthesis and cervical radiculopathy. Each can be caused by any type of slip and fall, vehicle collision or sports injury. Any accident that causes the back to move in a way that is unnatural or sends an object into the back can be attributed to this type of injury.

When a person has spondylolisthesis, they have a fracture of one or both of the “wings” on a vertebrae. This can result in the affected vertebrae slipping out of position. When a victim suffers with cervical radiculopathy, there is damage to the cervical area’s nerve roots. The damaged nerves can cause numbness and loss of sensation in different parts of the body.

Any person who suffers with back pain after an accident should seek medical attention. They should then consult an attorney experienced in personal injury law for assistance. Compensation may be available to accident victims in a court of law. An attorney can assist a victim in filing a lawsuit and securing damages.

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