In the city of Atlanta, a slip and fall injury can result in a variety of injuries. Falling down may result in nothing more than the need to dust yourself off and go about your way, to a broken bone or traumatic brain injury. Some symptoms of a slip and fall may heal on their own, and some may require surgery to repair. Here are some of the most common injuries associated with falling down.

Fractures: Whether or not a fracture is sustained typically depends on the severity and angle of impact when the person meets the ground. When a person reaches out to brace themselves, they may suffer a wrist, hand or finger fracture. When a person falls on their bottom or on one side, they could sustain a hip fracture.

Shoulder injuries: If a person lands on their shoulder, it is very likely that the shoulder could be bruised, if not dislocated. Sprains and other damage to the shoulder are typically painful. A shoulder injury may require medical intervention.

Damage to knees: Many people fall forward when they trip. This can result in landing on the knees which, in turn, can result in injury. Tendon, ligament or cartilage damage is not unusual in a slip and fall accident. Knee injuries, like shoulder injuries can be painful and debilitating.

Back injuries can be sustained during a fall. Most people will try to catch themselves or twist and turn to avoid hitting a specific body part. This can result in injury to the back or neck. Additionally, if a person falls backwards, they can land squarely on their back, causing injury to the spinal column.

There are many injuries that can occur when a person falls down. If the slip and fall was the result of someone’s negligence, the victim may have the legal right to compensation for their injuries.

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