There are a variety of Crime Victims Assistance Programs in Georgia. Atlanta has its own branch, and they work to assist victims and witnesses restore their lives. The program employs a full-time staff and a troop of volunteers that specialize in various types of crime where an individual could be considered a victim.


It is the goal of the program to advocate for the rights of victims. They do this in five ways: by stabilizing lives, meeting emotional needs, reinforcing the safety of victims and witnesses, providing advocacy in the criminal justice system, and raising public awareness through community education.


The Atlanta Victim Assistance program became an independent organization in 2005. They are a non-profit group who provides hands-on services. Since their inception, they have partnered with the Atlanta Police Department to provide even more services. The program follows the victims’ bill of rights. These rights include the right to:


  • Be treated fairly
  • Be protected from the accused
  • Be notified of any court proceedings
  • Be present at all court proceedings
  • Confer with attorneys
  • Gain restitution
  • Receive information about the offender, including conviction, sentencing, incarceration and release.


An experienced personal injury attorney in Atlanta can also be of assistance to crime victims. A victim who has suffered financially as a result of the crime may be legally entitled to compensation for their injuries and property damage. There are several programs available to assist victims of crime. An attorney can put a victim in touch with these resources.

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