The Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission provides funding for individuals within the state of Georgia in the form of grants. The money is granted to those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and/or spinal cord injury as a way to pay for post-acute care or rehabilitation needs.

Any person who has suffered a traumatic injury is welcome to fill out an application for the grant. In the event that a person is unable to complete the application on their own, a family member, guardian or friend can complete and submit the application on the patient’s behalf. There is no timeline for the application, meaning it can be submitted at any time. Funds are provided year round.

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, medical costs can quickly mount causing a financial burden on loved ones. While a person certainly has the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their financial loss, that compensation is not guaranteed. A grant such as this ensures that a patient has the money needed to complete treatment as directed by their medical team.

Any person who has been in an accident in Atlanta and suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney. An attorney can review the details of the accident and advise the victim if they have the necessary elements for a successful lawsuit.

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