For a person to have been accused of a crime, a law enforcement officer must either have witnessed the crime personally or have reasonable belief that the person has committed the crime. An investigation may occur before the person is arrested, after they have been taken into custody or both.


In some cases, a law enforcement officer will be notified that a crime has occurred. The officer will respond to the scene, speak with witnesses and victims, and collect any evidence that is present. At times this is a group effort and not the responsibility of a single officer. In other cases, a police officer may witness the crime personally and work to gather more information to solidify the case.


Once evidence has been collected, it is processed by the appropriate parties. For example, fingerprints will be run through a national database, some pieces of evidence may require DNA or another type of analysis or the officer may need to speak with witnesses and victims in greater detail. The investigative process is generally the same for all crimes, but it can vary as far as specifics given the nuances of each individual crime.

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