In the city of Atlanta, landlord negligence can cause injury to a tenant or tenants. A property owner has a duty to tenants to keep the property safe. When a landlord or property owner fails to perform their duties, or breaches them, they can be held for injuries that occur.

When a landlord is alerted to a hazard on a property, they must arrange for repairs to be made immediately. If the hazard does not pose an imminent threat but can still be considered dangerous, tenants have the reasonable expectation that repairs will be made in a timely manner, typically within 30 days.

Tenants should report any hazards to their landlord in writing to establish a timeline. Conversations should be documented as well. When a landlord fails to respond or does not make adequate repairs, they can be sued for negligence. A landlord who refuses to act upon hazardous issues is breaching their duties, endangering tenants and legally responsible for their inaction.

Examples of landlord negligence include failure to install adequate lighting, failure to make repairs to walkways, and even failures to repair roofs and windows. If a tenant is injured due to a failure of some type on the part of the landlord to make the property safe, the tenant may be awarded compensation for injuries and more.

Any person who has been injured on a rental property should consult an attorney experienced in personal injury law. An attorney can assist a victim in determining if they have the potential for a successful lawsuit and what compensation they can reasonably expect.

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