Neck pain is a common ailment, with the majority of cases having no cause that can be seen through x-rays. These cases are caused by straining your neck while sleeping or causing some other damage to the soft tissue.

Whiplash is also another cause of neck pain, as are minor injuries to the spine, spinal cord, or vertebrae to the next. Neck pain is also commonly caused by an abnormality of some form causing pain, pressure, or instability for the individual. Most causes of neck pain can be treated non-surgically, through rest, medications, and exercises.

Other causes, particularly when the neck is injured after an accident, need to be fixed on the inside. Sometimes this is because of a herniated disk or other spinal injury located in the neck. Because neck injuries range so widely in cause and severity, there are also a large number of treatment options available.

Anyone who has suffered neck pain in Atlanta due to someone else’s actions may be able to seek compensation for their injuries. A qualified personal injury attorney may be able to provide more information.

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