In the city of Atlanta, negligent security cases may be filed when a person is injured due to, in part, a lack of adequate security. A negligent security case is filed in civil court, and a plaintiff seeks to recover damages for their injuries.

In order for a negligent security case to be successful in court, there are several requirements:

  1. The owner of the property had a legal duty to keep the injured person safe;
  2. The owner of the property failed to provide proper security;
  3. The failure of the owner is what caused the injury; and
  4. The plaintiff suffered damages.

Each of these requirements, or elements, must be met in order for a negligent security case to be successful. For example:

A person owns an apartment building and rents units to the public. The owner knows that the parking lot is dark, lacking adequate lighting. The owner fails to install lights in parking lot, and a tenant is attacked in a dark area of the lot, suffering injury. The owner would be found liable for those injuries due to negligent security.

Negligent security lawsuits are most often filed in the cases of wrongful death, sexual assault, assault, robbery, shooting and other violent criminal acts. That said, a crime does not have to have occurred for negligent security to have occurred.

Any person who has been injured due to a perceived lack of security should contact an attorney experienced in this type of law for assistance.

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