When someone is accused of a crime and arrested for that crime, they begin to move through the criminal justice system. One of the components of a court case is a pre-trial. The procedures for this type of hearing follow a typical pattern. Everything that leads up to a trial is essentially part of the pre-trial procedures.


Here is a general outline of what one could reasonably expect.


  • Arrest: A person is placed in police custody and transported to the police station or a local jail depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Booking: Once the person has been transported to the booking facility, they will be asked to provide personal information, they will have their property confiscated and have fingerprints taken.
  • Bail: The accused person may be able to post bail to secure their release from custody. In some cases, specifically those involving a serious felony, bail may be postponed until it can be set by a judge, or may be forfeited altogether.
  • Arraignment: This is the first court proceeding. The judge or prosecutor will read the charges and the accused offender will be given the opportunity to enter a plea.
  • Preliminary Hearing: It is at this hearing that a judge determines whether there is enough evidence to move forward with a trial.


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