Sexual assault occurs on college campuses across America, and Georgia is no exception. According to the United States of Department of Justice, one out of every four female college students will be the victim of some type of sexual assault prior to graduating with their undergraduate degree.


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) provides even more shocking statistics: At least 95 percent of rapes that occur on college campuses are not reported. This could mean that the numbers are actually higher than one in four.


The term sexual assault is a broad one. It refers to any type of sexual activity that is forced and unwanted. Sexual assault crimes include rape and attempted rape. It is important to understand that genital to genital penetration does not need to occur for a sexual assault to have taken place. It is also important for victims to realize sexual assault is not their fault, but the fault of the perpetrator.


It is important for colleges and universities do more to prevent sexual assault, protect and support victims and bring those committing the assaults to justice. When colleges and universities implement more practices to offer protection to their female students, sexual assaults may begin to decline.


If you or a loved one has been the victim of a sexual assault in Atlanta, an experienced personal injury attorney can offer legal assistance with regards to securing compensation for medical bills and more. A victim of sexual assault may also have other compensations available as a general victim of crime.

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