Spinal cord treatment can be intensive for the first six months after an injury. This is because this period of time is critical to restoring and recovering body function and motor skills. As a general rule, any loss of function, such as the inability to move body parts or feel sensations, still present 12 months after the injury will likely be permanent losses.

Spinal cord injuries can be complete, meaning all movement and sensation have been lost, or incomplete, meaning only parts of sensation and movement have been lost. A lot depends upon the specifics on the injury, where it was located, what treatment was given and how quickly after the accident treatment was given.

Physical and occupational therapy make a significant and vital different in the recovery of spinal cord injuries, and may extend well beyond 12 months’ time. It is difficult to quantify the exact recover time of a spinal cord injury, but 12 months seems to be the window of time where functions can be relearned by the body.

Anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury in Atlanta may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney about their legal options.


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