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Spinal cord injury symptoms

The biggest fear of anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury is the loss of feeling and movement in the lower extremities of the body. At the moment of the traumatic accident, the symptoms of a spinal cord injury are extreme pain and pressure on the spine or neck, weakness, numbness, or tingling in hands, feet, finger, or toes, losing control of bathroom functions, or body parts twisted at unnatural angles.

If you are in an accident and feel any of those symptoms, it’s important that you stay very still. Moving can with a spinal cord injury can make the injury much worse. Long term symptoms of spinal cord injury can include losing the ability to move parts of your body, losing the ability to sense touch or temperature, pain in nerve fibers, and muscle spasms.

Spinal cord injuries lead to other problems, such as those associated with long hospital stays or being confined to a wheelchair. The areas of your body affected by a spinal cord injury will depend on where the injury occurred along the spinal cord.  

Anyone in Atlanta who has suffered a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s actions may benefit from speaking with an attorney.