In the city of Atlanta, causes of truck accidents are varied. Commercial trucks present danger to smaller vehicles and the people that occupy them. Every driver on the road shares the responsibility of safety. While car drivers are often the cause of truck versus passenger vehicle accidents, truck drivers can also be found to have been at fault. Here are the most common causes of truck accidents on behalf of both car and big rig drivers.

Car Drivers

Car drivers often don’t have experience behind the wheel of a large truck, and not knowing how those trucks operate can have car drivers making serious mistakes they aren’t aware of. Things such as pulling too closely in front of a truck, making a left turn in front of a truck, unsafe passing, being blown by turbulence while passing a truck and driving in blind spots all contribute to accidents.

Truck Drivers

When a truck accident is caused by the truck driver, reasons include inadequate training, an encouragement to reach a destination more quickly, unrealistic schedules, and expectations of companies that cause a truck driver to hurry or drive in a way that could be considered reckless.

Truck versus passenger vehicle accidents tend to be very serious simply due to the physics of the collisions. It is not unusual for victims to sustain catastrophic injuries and extensive property damage. When the collision is the fault of the truck driver, a victim may be legally entitled to compensation for their injuries and more. Contact our Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney today to see how we can help you.

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