In the city of Atlanta, workplace injury prevention is the responsibility of everyone in the company. From the owner down to the newest employee, preventing injuries is something everyone should be concerned with. Preventing most injuries is possible, but there are still some that are unavoidable. Experts suggest these as the top five ways to prevent injury:

  1. Avoid Shortcuts: Every employee soon finds their own way of doing things. It is recommended that everyone stick to the instructed way of doing things rather than finding ways to do them easier or faster.
  1. Drive Safely: OSHA says that driving accidents related to work cost about $60 billion each year. All company vehicles should be inspected and maintained regularly, and any employee who drives should have a good driving record and training on any specialized driving equipment.
  1. Weather Exposure: Pay close attention to the weather. Regular exposure to extremes in temperature can lead to illness and injury.
  1. Personal Protective Equipment: The appropriate safety equipment should be provided and used by each employee. Supervisors should make sure that employees are using the right equipment at all times.
  1. Clean Up: Clutter and disorganization is one of the leading causes of workplace injury. Employees should keep their areas clear of hazards, and managers should walk through areas frequently, checking for hazards throughout the day.

Any person who is injured at work may be entitled to compensation. An experienced workplace injury attorney can review the details of the injury and advise the worker if they have the elements necessary for a successful lawsuit.

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