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You deserve justice after you have been injured in a car crash caused by someone else. Work with an experienced Kennesaw car accident lawyer to seek the maximum amount of compensation you deserve from all at-fault parties.

Types of Compensation Available after Your Kennesaw Auto Accident

If your accident was the fault of another driver (or another potential third-party), then you could have grounds to file an injury claim with their liability insurance. A strong claim will most often result in a settlement that repays all of the past and future damages caused by the accident.

In the event that no settlement can be reached, your case can proceed to a lawsuit and a jury trial.

A successful car accident injury settlement or court award can provide compensation for:

  • Past medical bills
  • Estimated future medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life or family intimacy
  • Punitive damages

Having an experienced Kennesaw auto accident lawyer in these situations can help immensely. Your lawyer can assist you in filing a strong claim based on evidence. They can also interact with insurers on your behalf, reducing your stress and preventing many common mistakes that would hurt your case’s chances of success.

In the event that the insurer or the driver disputes fault, a lawyer can provide invaluable services for proving fault based on evidence, Georgia liability laws, and prior case rulings.

Learn what types of compensation could apply to your case during a free consultation with one of our Kennesaw car accident lawyers. You can schedule a free, no obligation case review today when you call 404-948-3311 or contact us online.

Speak to a Kennesaw Car Accident Lawyer Before You Speak to Insurers

The first few hours and days after your car accident are crucial for establishing a strong injury claim. Any missteps you make during this period could jeopardize your ability to recover the full amount of damages caused by the accident.

One common tactic insurers will use is to ask leading questions about your injury or the accident itself. They may even request that you make a recorded statement. Making such a statement is not in your best interests. Insurers could use your own words against you to dispute your injury or challenge the fact that their policyholder was at fault.

Many car accident victims feel that they must cooperate fully with insurance companies and be as forthcoming with information as possible in order to improve their chances of securing a fair settlement. They may also accept an early settlement offer that seems generous, only to realize later that it does not cover the full damages they have suffered.

Do not fall victim to these tactics. Secure the assistance of an experienced auto accident attorney in Kennesaw to protect your rights and take the proper steps towards filing a strong claim.

How Your Kennesaw Auto Accident Lawyer Assists Your Case

Working with a Kennesaw car accident lawyer after your car crash can reduce the risk of events like these hurting your case. They will be able to estimate the full dollar value of your damages using expert testimony. They know the procedures and policies insurers use to try to reduce or deny claims. They will use this knowledge to pursue the full value of your claim and fight back against common defenses.

Most importantly, your Kennesaw car accident lawyer will provide advice that can give your case the maximum chances of success. For instance, your attorney will know how to document your pain and suffering while you heal. They can also ensure that you secure the proper documentation of your injuries from a qualified physician.

Steps like these may expedite insurance claims and reduce the chances that a claim will have to proceed to a lawsuit, all while improving your chances at obtaining the full value of your claim.

Establishing Fault and Claiming Compensation after Your Car Accident

If your car accident was caused by the mistakes or bad decisions of another driver, then you could be entitled to compensation for your injury costs and other resulting damages.

Car accident injury claims are built on the legal concept of negligence. Proving negligence requires you and your Kennesaw car accident attorney to provide evidence that another driver was at fault for the accident.

Common negligent causes of car accidents include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Ignoring traffic signals
  • Failing to check blind spots before lane change
  • Driving aggressively
  • Following too closely
  • Failing to yield as required by law
  • Getting distracted by passengers or the radio
  • Miscalculating speed or distance when crossing

Information in the police report may make proving that a negligent action like one of the above occurred a cut and dry affair. But your Kennesaw personal injury lawyer will dig deeper as needed in order to conclusively prove fault. By examining your vehicle, the crash site, eyewitness statements, the police report and other sources, they can assemble the type of evidence needed to compel jurors and insurance adjusters.

Your lawyer will also use their knowledge of prior case outcomes to determine the optimal legal arguments and strategy needed to provide your case with a strong chance of success.

Even if You Are Partially at Fault, You Could Still Be Eligible for Compensation

Georgia’s comparative negligence laws state that anyone can still be eligible for a negligence claim if they were less than half responsible for the incident that caused their injuries.

In the event that you made a mistake that led to your car accident, you may need to determine the approximate level of fault contributed by other parties. Then, each of those parties must pay their portion of the total damages.

If, for example, you had $100,000 in damages but forgot to use a turn signal and were 25% at fault, the other driver would still be responsible for $75,000 of the total.

Start Building Your Car Accident Injury Case Today

Kennesaw car accident injury victims have a strong ally in the Rafi Law Firm. Speak with one of our experienced attorneys for absolutely free during an initial consultation when you call 404-948-3311 or contact us online now.

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