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Truck accidents are one of the worst kinds of accidents due to the size and speed of most commercial trucking vehicles. Whether you’ve been rear-ended, side-swiped, or forced off the road by a commercial trucking vehicle, Rafi Law Firm can help you.

Our team knows the devastation that a truck accident can cause. You don’t have to go through it alone. Allow an expert Marietta truck accident lawyer to handle the complex legal battle while you focus on your recovery.

Our Marietta personal injury attorneys will fight tirelessly to protect your rights from greedy insurance companies who only think of themselves and deceitful trucking companies who attempt to hide evidence that could lead to a payout. Tackling these big players on your own is daunting.

Don’t back down. Get Rafi Law Firm on your side to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Were You Injured in a Truck Wreck? Contact a Marietta Truck Accident Lawyer at Rafi Law Firm now for a Free Consultation.

If you were injured in a truck accident, you may want to file a claim against the driver of the commercial truck. However, there could be multiple parties responsible for the collision, none of whom were present at the scene. This is why it’s vital to speak with an expert Atlanta truck accident lawyer who has experience filing claims against commercial trucking companies.

Don’t make putting your life back together more challenging than it needs to be. Call Rafi Law Firm at (404) 948-3311 to book a no-obligation consultation with a truck accident lawyer.

Trucking companies will come to the table armed with lawyers and insurance agents. Don’t face them alone. Get fair compensation for your damages with the help of the best Marietta truck accident lawyers from Rafi Law Firm. You don’t pay until we win your case.

Why Are Commercial Truck Black Boxes Crucial for Tractor-Trailer Accident Victims?

Like airplanes, commercial trucks are equipped with “black boxes” that store vital information relating to the function of the vehicle. However, in a commercial truck, the black box is actually composed of three separate tools.

Modern commercial trucks are built with electronic control modules in the engine. This analyzes information relating to the truck’s motor function to determine if there are any malfunctions. Initially, these were designed to prevent warranty fraud. Now, they are a vital piece of evidence that truck accident lawyers can use to determine if a faulty part or poor installation of a part was responsible for an accident.

Trucking companies have started using electronic logging equipment to monitor their drivers. These devices can be built into the truck or attached with WiFi capabilities to keep track of the driver’s hours, average speeds, and overall use of the vehicle. The logging equipment can help a lawyer determine if a truck accident is due to driver error.

The only device actually intended to record crash data is the event data recorder. This device only operates for a few seconds to record vital details of truck usage before a crash. The device is triggered by an event such as sudden braking or tires moving at an unusual RPM. It then records all of the vehicle’s data, such as speed, RPM, and the driver’s attempts to brake. This data is vital for an attorney to determine what measures, if any, were taken to avoid an accident.

While some accidents are the fault of driver error, they may not be liable for the accident. A commercial truck accident lawyer can help you determine who is really at fault for your injuries.

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident in Marietta?

After a truck accident, it’s hard to focus your thoughts on one thing, let alone figure out what to do next.

The first moments after a truck accident are vital to preserving your ability to collect damages.

Many victims make the following mistakes:

  • Denying that they have injuries
  • Refusing to seek medical treatment
  • Not exchanging information with the other parties
  • Not collecting witness statements and contact information
  • Leaving their vehicle in the middle of traffic
  • Accepting cash from the other driver at the scene rather than waiting for a settlement
  • Not writing down their recollection of events while it’s fresh in their mind
  • Contacting their insurance company immediately, rather than hiring a truck accident lawyer

Do not make these mistakes. They can put your health at risk and threaten your ability to collect damages that you are legally entitled to.

Many individuals forget crucial steps, like taking photos of the scene themselves and obtaining a copy of the police report, that can help support their story later.

Every time an individual makes these mistakes on the scene of a truck accident, the trucking company wins. Whether they negate the claim entirely or only have to pay out a partial amount of what they truly owe, the company has won by preventing you from collecting what you deserve.

At Rafi Law, we don’t let big corporations bully individuals. We believe that every citizen is justly entitled to compensation if someone has wronged them. If you need to take on a trucking company, have us on your side.

Call (404) 948-3311 to book a free consultation and get advice on what to do after your truck accident. Our Marietta truck accident lawyer will advise on the next steps, how to preserve your claim, and how we will protect your rights going forward.

The Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Although you may be tempted to blame the truck driver, they may not be responsible for your truck accident. There can be several other causes, including liable parties who aren’t present, that can impact a truck driver’s ability to perform their duty safely.

Be on the lookout for common causes of truck accidents:

1. Driver Fatigue

Driving a truck is a high-pressure job. The drivers are often paid based on the amount they deliver, which forces them to drive through legally mandated breaks. Sometimes this prevents them from sleeping at night.

Exhausted driving is as devastating as impaired driving. Drivers lose concentration, have slower reaction times, and can be at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

2. Distracted Driving

Modern-day driving is a world of distracted driving. With phones at our fingertips and new dash screens to play with, many drivers don’t focus on the road. Truck drivers are at a high risk of distracted driving, as they have to fit in their socializing, eating, and leisure time while they are behind the wheel.

3. Impaired Driving

Truck drivers may be working, but that doesn’t always mean that they are behaving responsibly. Unfortunately, many truck drivers use amphetamines to keep them awake to drive long distances or drink without taking the proper time to recover before getting behind the wheel.

Controlling a large commercial truck is already a challenge. It’s even harder to do when you are not completely sober.

4. Reckless Driving

To make deadlines, many truck drivers speed and engage in reckless or aggressive driving tactics. However, the larger the vehicle, the more dangerous it is to drive recklessly.

Speeding around smaller vehicles is incredibly intimidating for other drivers. They may do their best to get out of the way safely, but they cannot always do so. Many times, truck drivers are unable to brake appropriately or properly see other vehicles due to these tactics.

5. Poor Training

The United States has strict commercial vehicle laws to protect other drivers on the road. Yet, some truck drivers are released on the road without knowing proper protocol.

It is the responsibility of the trucking company to teach all of their employees best practices, safety guidelines, and how to inspect their vehicle before they let them go out on the road.

6. Poor Company Standards

Trucking companies are largely self-regulated until an investigation is conducted. While there are rules that they should follow, some companies ignore them in favor of overloading vehicles, pushing drivers to skip breaks, and having overly competitive work environments. Truck drivers will push themselves to meet these standards to get paid a living wage, which can put themselves and other drivers at risk.

7. Road Hazards

Poorly-maintained roadways are a significant hazard to trucks. A pothole may not be detrimental to a car, but a truck can easily roll over due to the amount of weight they carry. If turns are not appropriately labeled, trucks can risk a narrow turn that will force a rollover collision.

Bad weather cannot always be prevented, but local areas are responsible for ensuring that their roadways can stand up to light weather issues, such as minor snow and rain.

8. Poor Vehicle Maintenance

If a trucking company skips on maintenance, a mechanic installs a faulty part, or the vehicle’s engine fails due to a manufacturing error, it can lead to a truck accident on the road. Drivers are expected to do thorough inspections of their vehicles before driving them, but many skip this due to lack of training or time.

What Are Common Types of Truck Accident Injuries?

Truck accidents cause more severe personal injuries than an average car accident. With the additional weight of trucks and the fact that most accidents with trucks happen on high-speed roadways, victims are often left with serious injuries.

It is vital to seek medical treatment for your injuries so you prevent life-long pain and suffering. While gathering medical bills can seem like a negative, it’s actually your best bet to recover damages. Proving proper treatment for your injuries shows their legitimacy and can help increase your compensation.

Get treatment for the following common truck accident injuries:

Spinal cord injuries

The human spine is extremely fragile. The jarring motion of a truck accident can easily dislodge or herniate a disc that can cause chronic pain. These injuries may not appear immediately.


Whiplash occurs when your head is jerked forward while your torso stays in place. It commonly occurs when a seat belt prevents a victim from being thrown into the windshield. This injury can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, and even lifelong pain if not treated properly.

Bruises and strained muscles

The impact of a truck collision can jar your muscles. It takes time for these injuries to appear. They can usually be treated at home but should be examined by a physician to ensure that they are not severe.

Broken bones

Hard impacts in truck collisions frequently cause broken ribs or broken limbs. You may not be able to see the break, but even a hairline fracture can cause significant pain. Seek medical treatment to immobilize the area and get rehabilitation to gain strength.

Traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions

Head injuries occur frequently in truck and car accidents. Slamming your head on a door, having your head whipped forward, or even another object impacting your skull can cause these extremely serious injuries. If you experienced head trauma, get yourself examined as soon as possible. Not all traumatic brain injuries involve loss of consciousness.


The impact of a commercial trucking vehicle on a car can rupture fuel tanks and cause a fast-spreading fire. These leave burns that can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Internal injuries

You may be fortunate enough to avoid external injuries, but internal infections can still put your life at risk. An injury to an organ from the pressure of the airbag can lead to an infection or even death.


Severe spinal damage or a head injury from a trucking accident has been known to cause paralysis. This injury can forever change your life and greatly impact your emotional wellbeing.

Disfigurement and amputations

The impact of the crash can result in these permanent injuries. Crushed limbs, infections from burns, or deep cuts can all cause a permanent change in your appearance that may make it difficult for you to return to your previous lifestyle.

Wrongful death.The severity of truck accidents makes them the leading cause of fatalities on the road. If you are involved in a truck accident, you may not be lucky enough to leave with your life.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Big Truck Accident Lawyer in Marietta?

Hiring an expert Marietta truck accident lawyer is the smartest thing you can do for your case. But many clients wonder how much it will cost them.

They are already on the hook for thousands of dollars for medical bills, property damage, and lost work after their accident. None want to risk their financial future even more by spending more on a lawyer who might not win their case.

At Rafi Law Firm, there is no risk. We work on contingency, meaning that we don’t get paid until you do.

We work to protect your rights, fighting just as hard as you would to get you the highest compensation. Until you get your money, we don’t get ours.

That means that you don’t have to put up any funds for hiring a legal team, collecting evidence, getting witness testimony, or hiring experts to recreate the scene of the accident.

To hire Rafi Law for your case, call (404) 948-3311 for a consultation today.

What is the Average Truck Accident Settlement in Marietta?

Every car accident is different, which means every car accident settlement will vary in amount. There is no average dollar amount that can be quoted to help a victim determine how much their case is worth because their circumstances will be very different from those of existing cases.

Truck accident settlements tend to be higher than car accident settlements, as they involve more damage, more severe injuries, and more work to litigate the claim.

What Damages Can I Collect in a Marietta 18-Wheeler Accident?

You may be entitled to collect four types of damages from your truck accident. The amount of these damages varies depending on your injuries, the damage done, and the negligence of the truck driver or liable party.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the first type of damages sought in a personal injury claim. They cover financial losses that the victim suffered as a direct result of their injury. These can include medical bills, prescription costs, and any rehabilitation needed to overcome their injury.

Additionally, if the victim lost wages or employment due to their recovery period, they can claim these wages as economic damages in their truck accident claim.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are typically the highest paying damages that a victim can seek. These represent the emotional losses that a victim suffers due to a car accident.

Depending on the circumstances, there is a range of emotional losses that a victim can claim. For example, if a victim now has a prominent facial scar that changes their quality of life, they can file a claim for the value that they and their lawyer determine is representative of this change in their life.

Other non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, anxiety or PTSD, and reduced enjoyment of life.

Punitive Damages

If the liable party is found to have been extremely negligent, the judge may award the victim punitive damages. These damages are a punishment in a monetary form that the guilty party has to pay the victim as reparations. The amount is based on the severity of their negligence.

Wrongful Death Damages

In the worst truck accident cases, a victim loses their life. Their close family members can file a wrongful death suit to recover the costs of their medical bills and funeral, and to recover damages relating to the emotional trauma.

How Our Marietta Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Rafi Law Firm prides itself on fighting relentlessly for clients. When you’re facing a trucking company that can afford to hire large teams of lawyers, you’ll want us on your side. Our dedicated Marietta truck accident lawyers have assisted victims like yourself across Georgia to get their lives back.

We understand that a truck accident is more than just physically devastating, it can also drain you financially. The strain of medical bills and lost wages due to time off work can be more than you can bear.

We want to relieve that burden. Reach out to our office to schedule a free consultation. We will review the details of your Marietta truck accident and help you develop a plan to get the maximum compensation.

You are not alone in this fight.

Maximum Results for Truck Wreck Victims

Many truck accident victims don’t end up recovering their damages. When they try to represent themselves, they end up being bullied into accepting a smaller settlement by the trucking company’s impressive legal team. Without professional legal advice, they may say the wrong thing to the insurance company and negate their claim.

Rafi Law Firm won’t let them harass you.

Our team knows the value of your case. We won’t accept anything less than the maximum compensation for your losses, even if it means denying a settlement and taking your case to trial.

Let our Marietta Truck accident lawyer get you the highest compensation possible to ensure that you have what you need to fully recover.

Call a Marietta Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one have been injured in a commercial trucking accident in Marietta, call Rafi Law today. The longer you wait to file your claim, the more opportunity the trucking company has to bury evidence that can rightfully prove your damages.

Working with Rafi Law Firm is a no-risk option. We do not accept a fee from our clients until we have won your case. That means you never have to pay out of pocket for our evidence analysis, hiring of expert witnesses and crash reconstruction experts, or for our work fighting against insurance companies.

Rafi Law is here to help protect your rights. Get us on your side today by calling (404) 948-3311.

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