Easter Sunday is a day many look forward to, but Georgians had to deal with a wave of violence over the weekend. Across multiple shootings, at least one person was confirmed dead, while eight people were injured.

One incident took place near Phipps Plaza in the area of Peachtree Road and Oak Valley Road, which injured three people. A witness acted heroically that day, as she helped keep one of the victims alive and in good spirits.

“I covered the wound. I put pressure on his wound. I tried to stop the bleeding as best as I could,” the witness said. “All I could do was put my First Aid training into play.” Via Newsbreak.com

Another incident took place off of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, where a man was shot in the hand.

Later that afternoon, another episode of gunfire rang out at 4640 Memorial Drive. Someone was shot in the back and leg after an argument at a car wash, and the person ended up losing their life in the parking lot of a Popeye’s close by.

If that wasn’t enough, a 20-year-old man was shot at the cross-section of McGregor Street and Colquitt Street and was taken to the hospital.

It certainly was a chilling conclusion to what was largely a celebratory weekend for a large number of folks.

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