Unfortunately, the afternoon of May 6 featured an accident that brought a somber mood to Northwest Atlanta, and disturbing pictures to boot. Two people were ejected out of a vehicle in a high-impact crash, and one of them was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The incident took place on James Jackson Parkway at Browntown Road. All in all, three cars were involved in the crash. 

The car occupied by the two individuals who were flung from their vehicle tried to pass another car but slammed into another car heading in the other direction. 

The driver of the car that tried to change lines was announced to be in critical condition, while the passenger was the individual who lost their life at the accident site. 

Sadly, the driver of the car that was heading in the opposite direction also lost their life. 

Other injuries were reported as well, as three other passengers were taken to the hospital, and have been said to be in stable condition. It’s unclear what the breakdown was of this trio with regard to who was in which of the other cars.

The driver of the car that was trying to be passed came out of the incident healthy.

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