High speed car chases can seem exciting and fun in movies, TV, and games, but they can have severe consequences in the real world. A decision that one driver makes to turn up the tempo can affect others who are leisurely hoping to safely get to their destination, and want no part of that exercise.

That’s precisely what happened on August 10 as 32-year-old Gregory Smith made a choice that he thought would benefit himself, but ended up hurting himself and others.

While driving a black Cadillac around 10:15 a.m., Smith was allegedly operating the vehicle under the influence. The Georgia State Patrol suspected this and were following Smith on Interstate 20. The patrol car turned on its lights and tried to get Smith to pull over; that’s when Smith hit the gas. 

A chase ensued with Smith trying to elude the authorities. Smith was nearly successful, as the patrol car lost sight of Smith as he merged his Cadillac onto  Interstate 285. However, in his attempt to dodge GSP, Smith’s car hit a silver Toyota Camry, a tractor-trailer, and a barrier on I-285 near the Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway exit. The Cadillac overturned, and Smith exited the vehicle and ran into the woods. He was later apprehended by police when he was seen walking on Harwell Road. 

The four occupants of the Camry were injured, including a two-year-old. The child was transported to Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital. Occupants of the tractor-trailer did not appear to be hurt.

Smith was charged with fleeing, reckless driving, DUI, serious injuries by vehicle, and several other violations.

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