At approximately 5 p.m. on September 14, 53-year-old Monica Boti was hit by a car in the Loganville Walmart parking lot. The driver of the vehicle remained on scene and waited for police, paramedics, and fire personnel to arrive and was cooperative with them. 

Boti suffered serious injuries and was rushed to Piedmont Walton hospital for treatment. Sadly, she passed away as a result of her injuries. 

There were no other injuries as a result of the collision, including the driver of the vehicle. 

Many people think that there isn’t a significant chance of sustaining major injuries in a parking lot since drivers are expected to drive at slow speeds, however pedestrian accidents are common in parking lots. Parking lots have tight spaces, blind spots, cars are pulling in and out of spaces, and pedestrians can sometimes be hidden by moving vehicles. These factors, along with many others, can make a parking lot just as ripe for an accident as a major roadway. 

It’s important that drivers and pedestrians alike be very aware of the changing circumstances and surroundings in parking lots to protect everyone’s safety.

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