Imagine being at home, eating dinner or watching television when a car smashes through the wall. That’s exactly what happened in the evening hours of February 5, when Daniel Franco and his family were inside a mobile home inhabited by his sister and her family.

They were having a reunion of sorts at the abode off of Horizon Drive in Buford, when a car unsuspectedly smashed into the mobile home. 

Franco came a long way to see his sister, as he brought his wife and son to Georgia all the way from California. They were together when they heard a loud boom. 

Somehow, Franco’s spouse and kin managed to avoid getting hurt, but his sister, her husband and Franco’s nephew all had to be taken to the hospital for medical attention.

The driver of the vehicle, whose identity has not yet been revealed, lost their life in the crash.

According to Franco, the ailments suffered by his sister, brother in-law and nephew aren’t deemed to be serious, and is thankful that things didn’t turn out much worse.

At this juncture of the investigation, it’s not clear how or why the driver lost control of the vehicle, and what led it to smash into the mobile home.

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