The Mall of Georgia had a flurry of visitors on November 26. Unfortunately, some shoppers witnessed some harrowing events that happened that Sunday evening.

26-year-old Lawain Howell was speeding through the mall’s parking lot under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. In his compromised state, he hit two women with his car.

The timeline of events did not stop there, as Howell’s vehicle hit several cars waiting at a stoplight. This caused a six-car accident.

After the whirlwind of action, Howell tried to flee the crime scene on foot but did not make it far. 

Aidan Harvel and his fiancée were in their red pickup truck during the events and were one of the cars impacted by the fracas.

“No one could really react to it. There was another car that somehow got it, that spun out, and then that hit me, and then his car came back and hit me,” he recalled via

Howell is currently in jail.

The two women who were struck in the parking lot suffered minor injuries. Harvel and his fiancée were not hurt in the collision, and no other notable injuries were reported for the occupants of the other cars. 

The community will remain tuned in for updates on this story to see what happens to Howell.

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