It often feels like we’re exposed to the worst things human nature has to offer, but there are other uplifting stories that help restore faith.

Collision on Cardell Road

Keith Paine saw 63-year-old Deborah Wright in a bad spot on the side of Cardell Road on September 13. Her tire had popped, leaving her stranded. Paine helped the woman change her tire so she could get back on her way.

As she was about to get back into her vehicle, another driver smashed into her car. The collision launched Paine into the air and seriously injured Wright. 

“It picked me up and I headbutted the car,” Paine recalled. “That car was like being pushed into me, and it split my head open, I had to get staples all down my head.” Via

Paine was fortunate to survive the episode but has physical challenges to work through that hinder his ability to earn a living.

“Working for yourself, you make money day to day. And when that stops, it stops, right? Then there is no paycheck coming,” the self-employed Paine professed. Via

Paine would like to see the speed limit of 35 MPH enforced on Cardell Road more often to prevent incidents like the one he was involved in.

Collision in Cobb County

In the early morning hours of September 23, two other people rendering aid were hurt in a separate accident on the side of I-75 in Cobb County near Delk Road. The driver of a Kia Sedona lost control of their car, crashed into the median, and hit the guardrail before coming to a stop. The Sedona was then hit by other oncoming cars.

38-year-old Sarah Bolt and others came to the aid of the Sedona driver, but she and one other person were struck after the driver of a Dodge Challenger lost control of their vehicle.

Bolt died at Grady Hospital, and the other person is said to be in critical condition. The driver of the Sedona was treated for minor injuries.

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