In what may be a plotline that is deemed too unrealistic for a Netflix series, the early morning hours of January 28 featured 29-year-old Mickal Parker pulling a fast one on police, only to need their help shortly after to remain alive.

Parker was pulled over by the police at a routine traffic stop, where they told him driving in the middle of the night without fully functional lights is dangerous.

Parker made his way back to the police cruiser parked at the traffic stop, hopped into the driver’s seat of the vehicle, and took off.

“The officer immediately got on his radio and gave the lookout direction of travel,” said Atlanta Sergeant Chaffee. Via

The car was seen zooming down Greenbriar Parkway via video footage.

For unknown reasons, Parker would eventually steer the police car onto train tracks located off of McDonough Boulevard. Atlanta Police Department spotted the stolen vehicle via helicopter surveillance, and it seemed like the story would end there.

Except, it didn’t. 

A freight train could be seen heading for the location of the flipped car, and the police had to switch gears instantly. Instead of going into recovery and apprehending mode, they had to move swiftly to save Parker’s life with the train barreling toward him.

They got to the car with moments to spare, and Parker was removed from the vehicle that he had stolen earlier in the night.

“We’re very proud of the actions of the officers, this could’ve gone a number of different ways,” said Sergeant Chaffee. It could’ve ended with this person being severely injured by this train, it didn’t look like he was able to get out on his own.” Via

Parker has been booked at the Fulton County Jail on charges of taking, fleeing, reckless driving and other infractions.

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